I Met My Secret Uncle. Now I Know Why They Hide Him From Me!

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Hello, I’m Ryan, and a few months ago, I found out my family’s secret that they had been hiding from me for my entire life. And this secret was... my uncle!

You see, my parents are pretty... conservative in almost every way possible. They wouldn’t let me dress like I wanted to or listen to the music I liked. But I would still do it in secret! I would wear something normal in front of them and in school. Then in the evening, when I would get the chance, I would wear something cool, what my parents would call “rebellious,” and go hang out with my friends and attend a concert or something like that.

I always wondered WHY I was so different from my entire family, but it turns out I wasn’t the only one!

One evening, I went to a small open mic event. You know, anyone could sing or recite poetry or tell jokes. Anything you wanted to do, basically. And imagine my surprise when a man got on stage with a guitar... he was wearing really bright clothing, he had long hair, and earrings... and it was my Dad!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. And then, when he started singing, my ears either! He was such a good singer, but it felt like a dream. I went up to him afterward and cautiously asked, “Dad?” He stared at me for five seconds, and his face slowly changed - his eyes widened, and a surprised smile appeared on his face. “Hello, nephew.” Whaaaat?
He explained to me that he was my Father’s twin brother, Nicholas, and he was visiting our town for the first time in many years and would be staying for over a month, maybe even two. He was really happy to see me and we talked for a long time. I finally asked him why I didn’t know about him. He was hesitant and decided that it was better for me to not know. Then he gave me his contact information, for if I wanted to hang out with him later.

I really wanted to find out the truth, so I decided to ask my Father the next day. But I couldn’t tell him about the concert, so I lied and said that I just saw Nick on the street. Dad got FURIOUS, like RED in the face, and he even clenched his fists. Finally saying, “Never EVER talk to him!

Then Dad told me the whole story. Nick was always weird, like he would be “rebellious,” go against their parents' wishes, dress and act however he wanted. It was awkward, because it was like he was talking about me... and then he revealed the true reason why nobody ever talked about him. My uncle stole a large sum of money from my grandparents and ran away, and my Father had NEVER talked to him or seen him since then.

I... couldn’t believe it. Or at least I didn’t want to. I felt like my uncle was someone who would understand me, so I wanted to hang out with him again. So the next week I went to the open mic night again, and he was there! He played some music again, and afterward I decided to ask him why he stole that money. He really didn’t want to answer me and he changed the subject.

He told me a lot of stories about his life and travels and promised to teach me to play guitar until he had to leave our town again. I really didn’t want him to leave, because at this point it felt like HE was my real Father.

After a week or so, I went to the open mic night again, because I really liked that place. We were walking down the street and chatting when my parents’ car arrived. My Father got out of the car, furious. I guess someone had seen us and told my parents.

My father started shouting at me and dragged me into the car. Uncle Nick was just standing there, and he was a little bit scared. Then my Dad got really close to him and put his finger on Nick’s chest. He said “Keep away from my family!” As we were leaving, Uncle Nick was looking at us, with a very sad look on his face. I begged my Dad to reconsider, but he wouldn’t listen.

Of course they banned me from going anywhere except to school. He also took away my phone and blocked uncle Nick on my Facebook page. He blamed Nick for my “changes” while, in fact, I had been like that for a long time already.

My Dad was always angry and barely talked with me, and I felt like it wasn’t fair that they took away everything I liked and what made me “me.” I tried to express that, but my Father would just say “you will NEVER be like him!” When I was in school I tried to contact my Uncle with my friend’s phone, and he said to just leave it alone. I felt disappointed by both my Father and my Uncle.
But one evening, someone rang the doorbell while we were eating. Dad opened the door... and it was uncle Nick. Dad started to shout at him and my uncle silently looked at his feet. Finally, when my Dad started to close the door, Uncle Nick loudly said, “I didn’t steal the money.”

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