FTB-31-Magic Tallow

28 Apr 2013 14:00 2
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I carry on my adventures in feed the beast or Direwolf20 Mod pack i am really enjoying playing this mod and i hope you guys have fun watching me.

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About:The Direwolf20 Pack was created for and by Direwolf20, a popular mod reviewer known for his Season 5 SSP Let's Play Series. This pack allows his viewers to play with his set of mods without having to install and configure the mods individually.

Notable features include the IC2 add-on Modular Powersuits and Forestry/Thaumcraft 3 add-on Thaumic Bees, both of which are currently exclusive to the Direwolf20 Pack.

The current version of the pack is version 5.2.0 for Minecraft 1.4.7.

Along with the MindCrack Pack, the Direwolf20 Pack was considered to be the best pack for upgrading to the Ultimate Pack in the past.

This music was created by Hat Films: www.youtube.com/haatfilms

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Hat Films are a trio of filmmakers, but we also create all our own music for everything we do, including our Hatventures series. We have also created the music for all the official Minecraft trailers.

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