Our Miss Brooks - Trailer

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In the 1950s, America adopted Our Miss Brooks as its very own. Emmy winner Eve Arden starred as Connie Brooks in the long-running radio and TV series about a wisecracking high school English teacher.The movie provides all the TV show's charm and laughter plus a dividend for fans: their Miss Brooks is finally locked in the loving arms of the handsome but incredibly bashful biology teacher Philip Boyton (Robert Rockwell). The film also adds a bittersweet edge to the comedy as Connie mends a rift between a student and his neglectful father. High marks go to the supporting cast, especially Gale Gordon as blustery principal Osgood Conklin and Richard Crenna as squeaky-voiced teen Walter Denton, who delivers an unforgettable, off-key rendition of It's Magic. #Trailer #WB

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