SasoSaku? - Catch me if you can [C2] [pt36]

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yep another one out and on the air, this time i went ahead and used a copyrighted song because none of the 'safe zone' songs i had fitted the moment of that flashback which i know might cause some confusion since it had to be sped up so ill explain that here

when karin refers to the 'equality' she means that sasuke along with other vampires were hoping to make it so vampires and humans can live among each other, they believed that vampires and humans can come together and get along and were pursuing making that reality regardless of what others had to say, of course not everyone was on their side and there were more against them then support
the higher ups are basicly a select few very powerful vampire's who maintain order in trying to rebuild the vampire race hence why they 'capture' humans for a 'mate' in whom they will turn into a vampire
usually they only capture those who they share some sort of 'special connection' to and they end up falling for one another making it not an all horrifying experience but an otherwise ok existence
suigetsu has said in previous parts that there are few pureblooded vampire women there [born of both vampire parents] which is the reason for allowing vampires and humans to be together for the purpose of turning them into vampire's to bare children and restoring the vampire race
but to remain unturned and have a half-vampire child is strictly prohibited and not only will the human parent be killed but the child as well
not all vampire's are good but not all are bad either, those who were involved in the 'equality' attempt most were killed, and only a few were spared, but paid a heavy price

i think thats about it that needed clearing up, as for gaara's truth his will by far be the most tragic and most likely revealed next part or the part after that so get ready for some gaara back story to be revealed now too, told you guys tryna wrap things up so things gonna start pickin up we getting closer to chaos so get ready cuz its goin down lol

if theres anything else confused feel free to ask and ill clear it up here or in the comments to the best of my ability

also i forgot to include the song that played when sakura fell asleep since it was so short i forgot it was there lol

its called - Beautiful chinese music - Cherry Blossoms

i got it from here on youtube so go have a listen to the whole thing if you want it is pretty soothing

anyway thats everything! take care everyone and stay awsome

catcha later

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