14 Short Riddles And Trivia To Test Your Brain

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A set of 14 short riddles and trivia to test your brain is waiting for you! If you want to train your brain, enlarge your general knowledge and improve your IQ score, then you're welcome to check out these puzzle games. Solving this kind of tricky riddles every day exercises your brain and helps improve your logical skills.

00:14 - A mysterious riddle to keep your mind sharp as a blade! Will you be able to identify which potion can give you more chances to win? Some people think size is the most important aspect, some prefer strength and some rely on their endurance. And what would you bet on?
01:53 - A mysterious riddle that will itch your brain and make you sweat! You have only one chance to make a choice and survive so think carefully! They all may seem hopeless, but a brilliant mind can always poke holes and find the way out. Will you survive tonight? A thrilling escape riddle for the most talented solvers.
03:15 - Before you watch this super cool trivia, check the shape of your buttock in the mirror to make sure which tip is suitable for you! This is an essential health trivia that can help you prevent some problems before they become serious. Just check it!
04:20 - This is a hard-mode brain teaser with an answer that will boost your brain power like nothing else! If you can crack this hard riddle before the time is over, then you're a true genius and survivor😜 So focus your mind and try to come up with a solution on time!
05:33 - Have you ever been thinking of the usage of some things and what's the purpose of them? Here is a cool trivia for you to enlarge your general knowledge.
07:20 - Hey, Detective, this is your first case, so don't fail me! Seems a trivial case of suicide, but something is bugging me...Don't you feel something's wrong here? Check the evidences once again while I'm going for coffee, ok? This detective riddle will be your debut today🕵
08:19 - Test your IQ with this fun and intriguing riddle based on a true story! This will increase your brain power and lighten your mood making you roll on the floor laughing. By the way, the riddle still remains unsolved, so TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what the answer is😉
10:03 - A thrilling crime riddle that will make even the strongest detective rack their brains! To find the answer on time, you will have to think quickly and consider even the most impossible ideas, so think outside the box!
11:03 - Take your time and try to use all your attentiveness! Can you find who's carrying a bomb? Share your answers in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the most difficult for you in this video?

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