Craziest and Most Interesting Ways People Hide Things!

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Will smugglling ever stop? Will people ever stop hiding things?! What are the craziest and most interesting ways people hide things? Is it in the underwear? Or in their body?! The extremes people will go to hide valuables is unimaginable! Find out about some of the strangest ways people hide things in this video!

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Here are the most interesting ways People hide things!

10 - Stuffed Animals

Stuffed toys and real animals are basically the same thing, right? At least that’s what our parents used to tell us when we were nagging them for a dog! Apparently, that’s what this lady thought too.
Airport security officials in Bangkok detected something suspicious in an oversize suitcase. The scan indicated that along with stuffed animals, this lady’s suitcase also somehow had bones somewhere.
´When they opened the suitcase for inspection, the team of investigators found something I guess no one expected. The BONES belonged to a tranquilized two-month-old tiger! A LIVE tiger cub was hidden in the suitcase along with some stuffed toys! I mean…...wouldn’t it have been smarter to pretend the tiger cub was an exotic cat with some fake papers?!
The suitcase, which had been checked by a 31-year old Thai woman, was en route to Iran, for who knows what. The tiger cub ended up under the protection of Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation.

9 - The lizard menagerie
In 2010, a German man was arrested as he tried to hop on a flight from New Zealand when officials discovered a small, let’s just call it, “menagerie” of rare lizards hidden in his underwear. This is the PERFECT moment to use the word “menagerie” in real life!
Anyways, they found 44 lizards in this dudes underwear. Apparently, this guy admitted to being a dealer of endangered animals and pled guilty in court to charges of trading exploited species and hunting protected wildlife.
So how did this guy manage to have a “menagerie” of lizards? He had altered his underwear with eight hand-sewn compartments in order to carry geckos and skinks around. One last lizard, the luckiest of them all probably, depending on the way you look at things, was later found hidden in the man's suitcase. According to the prosecutor working on the case, each gecko has a street value of approximately $1,500 in Europe, while the value of the skinks was unknown.

8 - Just be a hill bro

Blending in with the environment is another way of… hiding. The Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals in Oregon contains uh…..lots of rocks and minerals. Oh, and a quote "gold specimen bigger than your hand," which is what made the museum particularly interesting to Gregory Liascos.
Liascos' master plan was to gradually chip a hole through the wall of the museum to get to the gold inside. But, the museum's caretaker noticed an unusual amount of dust buildup over a period of several days. Following the dust trail to an elevator shaft behind the bathroom, the caretaker discovered a suspicious lack of a wall.
The caretaker alerted the police, and they set up surveillance equipment at the museum. When alarms went off the following day, the police stormed the museum, and found a bike, a backpack but no sign of anyone. But luckily, the police had brought along a tracking dog. The dog led its handler to a wooded area near the museum, where it suddenly started biting the ground.
Once the officers did a closer inspection, they found out that the dog wasn't biting the ground at all! It was Liascos disguised as a ummm…hill. Liascos told police he got into a fight with his girlfriend and wound up at the museum. He told investigators he wanted to try out his ghillie suit, which is a type of camouflage clothing designed to resemble the background environment. I’m still trying to understand the angry girlfriend angle.
Anyways, police didn’t believe his story, and Liascos is now known as the "Moss man". He was sentenced to 16 months in prison after admitting to breaking into the museum.

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