Valorization of Forest Products : Beekeeping

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In Zimbabwe, FAO has been implementing a four year EU funded project to improve food and nutrition security of vulnerable rural communities through participatory sustainable forest management and value addition to forest products.
The video tells the story of a beekeeper named Njovana. Njovana now understands that every tree that survives can mean the income difference that sustains his family; he sends his children to school and supports the the beekeeping community in his area. The Forest Forces project established the correlation between forest management and a thriving honey production business far beyond his expectations - a source of livelihood for his family and a sustainable business for his community.
His neighbour -Benjamin Chatamuka started with 9 bee hives that translated into an expansion of 260 hives in less than 3 years. He attributes this rapid growth to the market linkages initiatives and marketing training rendered by the forest forces project.
The stories illustrated in this video are just examples of the hundreds of farmers in Zimbabwe who have been assisted by the Forest FORCES project to establish successful honey production enterprises, making their dreams are becoming a reality.


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