Airports (PPV)

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Table of Contents:
Runway Markings 00:00:18
Airport Signs 00:03:19
Landing Direction and Wind Indicators 00:07:00
Airport Beacons 00:10:12
Runway and Taxiway Lights 00:11:04
The VASI 00:11:28
The Tri-Color VASI 00:12:41
The Pulsating VASI 00:13:14
The PAPI 00:13:36
Pilot Controlled Lighting 00:14:16
Speed Limitations 00:15:21
Minimum Safe Altitudes 00:16:42
ATC Clearances 00:18:32

Many of our customers have asked us to make our software available in Video Format, so we are starting the conversion of our full courses.

The Full course will be available soon but you also have the possibility to purchase a single chapter with which you are struggling with rather than the full course.

Here is the Last Chapter of the Private Pilot Knowledge Test Prep

In this chapter we will be covering Airports and all the Test Questions on this subject.

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