Joy Seeker's Tarotscopes: July 7 (New Moon period)

08 Jul 2019 01:02:51 4
Arwen Lynch Download
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Yep, I'm late. :D Whoops. So New Moon as five days ago. Today is the first day of the second Mercury Retrograde (MerRx) of the year. It will be retrograding through Cancer and part of Leo. It will be fairly emotional for some. Others won't notice a thing. Gotta love that.

Heads Up...I will be posting a video with my thoughts on cliques. Some of you will like it (welcome to my clique) and others won't (oh the horror, I can't like you now.) Let me just tease you here by saying, never mind. I'll let you get it all in the video.

Decks are Hope's Heart Tarot and Odin's Runes both can be found at along with a fiction series that utilizes the decks.

Remember, if no one else says it to you today, "I love you." I mean that. Even those of you who hate me enough to come watch my videos. Thank you for your support. ;) #Seekjoyyall

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