Our FIRST Time on the AUTOBAHN! (Germany: EP-1)

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Our first time on the AUTOBAHN! Welcome to Germany! 1320Video’s first time in the land of German engineering and we couldn’t be more excited! Checking out of the racing stateside for a week, We boarded a flight overseas for a tour of Germany on our way to RACE1000! Landing in Frankfurt, we loaded up our rental Skoda Fabio (lol it was the WORST) and let our friend and tour guide Frank take the wheel! Unlike our rental Skoda, Frank shares our passion for speed and did his best to get us into triple digits without running out of road first. Taking in some of the sights and mixing in a little German history, our friends Alex and Frank got us up to speed on German driving culture as they chauffeured us across town. Check back soon for the next "1320Video’s tour of Germany" episode where we take a shop tour of Mercedes-Benz speciality shop “GAD Motors” and go for a ride in one of the best sounding SUV’s we’ve EVER heard!

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Playlist: https://goo.gl/gjJKVb
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