The Wicker Man

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Acclaimed filmmaker Neil LaBute ("In the Company of Men") directs Academy Award-winner Nicolas Cage ("National Treasure," "Matchstick Men") in this spine-tingling remake of the 1970s British cult classic horror film. Cage plays a police officer investigating the disappearance of a young girl on a remote island off the coast of Washington. His hopes of unraveling the mystery of the girls unsettling disappearance become increasingly uncertain however, when he unearths disturbing evidence of pagan rituals being performed in the small, cult-like community. With the help of a frightened local (Golden Globe-nominee Leelee Sobieski -- "Uprising," "Eyes Wide Shut"), he must confront the island's horrific secret, and its other-worldly leader (Academy Award and Golden Globe-winner, Ellen Burstyn -- "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood," "Requiem for a Dream"). Also starring Golden Globe-winner Frances Conroy (TV's "Six Feet Under," "The Aviator") and Molly Parker (TV's "Deadwood").

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