7 Things NOT To Do in Toronto, Canada

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No, Cool Runnings wasn't filmed there, it was filmed in Calgary, so...
But regardless of all the fish tacos and other treats, here are 7 Things NOT To do in Toronto, Canada!

1. Don’t Go up the CN Tower
According to cntraveler.com The tower might be an icon of the city, but you’ll get charged around $32 for each person just to get up there and the restaurant charges $45 for a main course.

2. Don’t Ride in a Rickshaw.
This isn’t Thailand. Also They can charge $30 dollars minimum
Taxi’s are also really expensive!
Use the Toronto’s quintessential streetcar system or failing that use Car2Go, that allows you to rent Smart Cars parked all over the city.

3. Don’t Say “I can’t wait for Nuit Blanche this year.”
Everyone knows this event sucks. Say anything contrary and you are lying through your teeth.
For all our Non-Canadian friends, Nuit Blanche is a free, annual, city-wide celebration of contemporary art.

4. Don’t say that Montreal is better than Toronto.
There seems to be quite a rivalry between the two cities.
Also Never cheer for the Montreal Canadiens whilst in Toronto.

5. Don’t Wear anything but skinny jeans.
A loose fitting pant is a thing of the past. Toronto men know this and dress accordingly.

6. Don’t Hate brunch.
But how does one live…Without brunch? What else could a Torontonian be possibly doing on a Sunday if not brunch?

7. Don’t go to yoga in a park.
This isn’t Vancouver, go to a real gym.

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