13 MEANEST Mammals on Earth

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From crazy rude bears, to the meanest smallest mammal alive, these are the 13 MEANEST Mammals on Earh !

Gray wolf -- It’s also known as the timber wolf, and is the largest existing member of its family, weighing up to 100 pounds. As an apex predator, it’s only real threats come from humans and tigers. The real power of canis lupus lies in their ability to coordinate in packs. Using complex systems of sounds and behaviors, they can stalk and chase down prey as large as moose and bison. They can cover dozens of miles a day and easily withstand temperatures as low as minus-40 F.

Tasmanian Devil -- They’re found exclusively on the island of Tasmania in Australia. About the size of a small dog, they have a huge reputation as being extremely temperamental creatures. When threatened, they emit hellish screaming sounds, howling like the devil … which is where they get their name. Although they often eat carrion, these beasts are opportunistic hunters, and are known to take down prey the size of a kangaroo! Did you know the Tasmanian Devil is the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial … no wonder why it inspired the Warner Bros cartoon character!

Hippos -- If you saw our video, “10 Things to do When Animals Attack”, you know that hippos are not to be trifled with. These beasts can weigh well over a ton and are known for their aggression. Because of that temperament and their size, they rarely serve as prey for other animals. They are known to charge and attack boats, and can capsize smaller vessels. In one case 13 people, including 12 children were killed when a hippo attacked a boat on the Niger River in Africa.

Wolverine -- they’re the largest member of a family that includes weasels. Adult wolverines are around the size of a medium dog and resemble a bear. It’s a powerful and versatile predator, and usually hunts down medium sized mammals … but they’re known to take down adult deer that are several times larger than itself. Their strong jaws, sharp claws and thick hide have even emboldened them to steal food from the kill of a black bear! The Wolverine has such a fearsome reputation, that it serves as a mascot for many cities, teams and organizations. It even shares its name with one of the X-Men!

Humans -- why include us on the list? Well, we not only turn our aggression toward each other, but toward other animals as well -- mammals or otherwise. In fact, a new report states that humans have taken out so many animals that the earth is on the verge of the first mass extinction since the age of the dinosaurs. A recent report claims that by the end of this decade, it’s possible that 70% of the world's amphibians, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals will have been wiped out. That’s pretty mean, right?

Weasel -- Talk about looks being deceiving. Weasels can look cute and cuddly … but they’re also fearsome hunters. The creature in the picture is actually the creation of a taxidermist. And while that still-life might look frightening, the animals are scarier in real life. Their fast metabolisms compel them to kill and eat roughly half their body weight each day. They’re known to wrap themselves around prey, immobilize it, and puncture the spinal cord by delivering a single fatal bite to the back of the head. Did you know that the jaguar employs a similar tactic?

Honey Badger -- Chances are, you’re already acquainted with this critter, what with all those Internet memes floating about. Its reputation as one of the world’s toughest and meanest mammals is well-earned, though. They’re known to endure hundreds of bee stings to get some honey, of which they’re quite fond … so fond of it, that they’ve been found in beehives stung to death. If seemingly trapped, the honey badger will savagely and fiercely attack any kind of animal regardless of size … that includes horses, cape buffalos and lions.

Asian Black Bear -- This medium sized creature is also known as the moon bear and is largely found in the Himalayas and other parts of Asia. They can be cautious and shy … but they’re considered more aggressive toward humans than American black bears. These animals have been known to attack without provocation and mutilate victims … In one case a black bear tore off a man’s face. And in 2013, a group of Asian black bears attacked a village in India, killing 8 people and injuring more. Upon attacking, the bear rears up on its hind legs then knocks its victim over with its paws so it can strike the arms or head. Their extreme aggression is thought to stem from having to share territory with tigers, because the big cats will take them for prey.

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