Superman's true Power (Not Pre-Crisis) HD

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Who says that Post-Crisis Superman is a weakling? Common questions about this video are answered below:

Questions & Answers

Q - What is Crisis?

A - Crisis on Infinite Earths. The first Superman Comic after the Silver Age, published in 1986, which gave Superman a more stable power set. (Before that comic, people wrote Superman with whatever powers they wanted)

Q - What are these clips from?

A - The first clip is from "Superman vs the Elite". The second clip is from "Superman/Batman Apocalypse". The third clip is from "Justice League: Doom"

Q - Is this "canon"?

A - It's a direct adaptation of Action Comics #775, so yes. Here's a couple of scans from that comic as proof:

Q - Why are they talking/breathing on the moon? How did Superman make a tornado on the moon?

A - An extra-dimensional creature called "Bunnie" put air on the moon for them.

Q - Isn't that explosion too small for 15 supernovas?

A - He said "15 suns exploding in his face". It obviously isn't the full power of 15 suns focused onto one spot. (That would destroy pretty much everything) It's a much weaker attack focused onto one spot to have the same effect as 15 supernovas hitting Superman: a small amount of energy focused onto one spot, via compression can equal the same effect as a greater amount of energy against a single target. For better clarity, see the diagram at the link below:

Q - Superman doesn't have psychic powers!

A - As explained in the Man of Steel miniseries (1986) Superman, and all other Kryptonians have an invisible, millimeter thick, incredibly strong telekinetic barrier surrounding their whole body, that can be projected to surround distant objects. It prevents/reduces damage from most sources, and is the reason for Superman's 'invulnerability'. (which is more like durability: Superman has been injured before, and is injured in this video) It's also the reason he can lift large objects without them falling apart under their own weight, and the reason he can fly: - Superman himself confirms that his flight and extreme strength are *both* functions of his willpower, and are therefore telekinetic in nature. Without using his telekinesis he is still very strong, but not nearly as strong as he is with it. - In this scan (from the New52 Superman comics) we see that Superman's Kryptonian armor is pre-programmed to weaponize Superboy's telekinetic power. It would only do that if it expected the user to be telekinetic. Superboy's *only* power is Telekinesis, and it is stated to be a result of him being half-Kryptonian. (not a byproduct of being half-human) - Superman's descendants also possess this ability. The effect radiates from his hands and is used to move objects. - Here we see Silver Age Superboy (young Superman) using his telekinesis. Notice the effect is radiating from his hands, much like the previous example. - It's also used in the Superman films in the same way: the effect was a white beam from the hand. - Another Silver Age Telekinetic feat has Superman throw a pair of smooth stones in an utterly impossible curve. - In the television series Smallville, young Superman demonstrates telekinesis very clearly.

As for telepathy and telepathic projection, Superman has created illusions with his mind, can use mind control, and has psychic blocks that protect his mind from telepathic attack, and reads minds:

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