John & Jane

26 Oct 2016 01:46 0
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As fluorescent lights flicker overhead, the voices of ambitious young Indians fill the room with helpful advice and sanity-saving tips for the people of such faraway places as Kentucky and California -- just another day on the job for outsourced technical support workers making a living and increasingly westernized the world. In this documentary film from director Ashim Ahluwalia, cameras trace the moves of the patient souls working the midnight grind in order to follow American business hours as they study the Western values of work, money, and God. They dream of America before retreating to traditional Indian homes as the sun rises. Despite emerging American identities that help them to better perform their helpful duties, these workers remain distinctly Indian as they toil the nights while fantasizing about the American dream. CBFC U (CIL/1/131/2005-MUM)

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