Meet the Craziest 1000hp HELLCAT 'Snowcat'!

27 Jan 2019 21:43 870
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There's crazy, there's crazier, and then there's Snowcat! It's a Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT with a widebody, loud exhaust, air suspension, and most importantly almost 1,000hp from the supercharged V8. I met up with Osama to experience the car, and take it for a drive to see what it's all about!

I've seen a mix of automotive genres during my Bahrain trip, from the Huracan EVO at the circuit to the most incredible car collection in the world, and now something different with a touch of American muscle in the form of the Dodge Hellcat. Having not previously featured the Hellcat or a Demon too, it seemd appropriate to get a feel for what it's like while also visiting SMS Design & Performance to see some of the work in motion on other projects.

After take a ride in the passenger seat, and then visiting SMS, it's time for a driver swap for me to get a feel for the power out of Snowcat. With just a few small stretches it's already pretty clear that this thing means business and is very happy to snake all over the road on demand. Thanks to @snowcat_srt for the drive!

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Thanks for watching, Tim


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