Rusalka (The Mermaid) (1910) movie

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Based on an opera by Dargomizhsky, and other sources: A prince and a miller's daughter have been involved in a romance together, but now the prince tells her that he must break it off. After the prince leaves, the distraught young woman attempts to drown herself. When the prince's wedding day arrives, he is tormented by her image, which appears wherever he goes. Eventually, he is compelled to return and to try to find out what happened to her, regardless of the consequences.

Rusalka (The Mermaid) (1910) movie

Genres: Drama, Fantasy
Production Company: Khanzhonkov

Directed by Vasilii Goncharov
Screenplay: Vasilii Goncharov
Photography by Vladimir Siversen
Art Director: V. Fester

Vasilii Stepanov as Miller
Aleksandra Goncharova as Daughter
Andrei Gromov as Prince

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