Tips on Boating with the DJI Phantom & some Bikini Action! (Tip #3)

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Using the DJI Phantom in a boat, DJI Phantom Boat review with Bikini model!? Boating tips for the DJI Phantom over water. How to set a home position in water or at sea.

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Many of us want to use our Phantoms over water which can be great fun and the shots can be stunning. However, once out in open seas or on large lakes, marking a home position that you can reference or stay near can be near impossible.

Especially if you have been racing along at 20 knots for 15 minutes with the Phantom close behind and then something goes wrong and she decides to head for home.....

wherever that might have been!?

Needless to say, you are now 27 kms or 24 miles from your home position!

What happens when you lose sight of the Phantom or something goes wrong?

Unlike land, there is absolutely no reference point for the unit over water, making it extremely hard to see, sun glare, birds, waves etc. Suddenly every seagull looks likes your lost phantom!

Or worse, the day is going great and then all of a sudden your batteries goes flat on the controller, your Iphone craps itself or worse a wave knocks the controller overboard and into the Water.

What now? Where is your Phantom going to go to?
You cant set a mid flight manual home position now!

If you didn't record a home position say goodbye to your baby, as it will likely race back to wherever it started and land nicely in the water somewhere to become shark bait, but will more likely run out of battery first!

Even if you can still see your phantom, if its heading down wind or the sea is a little rough..... you wont believe how fast you will lose sight of it and just start following seagulls ....

Even if you were clever enough to set a manual "in flight" home position, you will not be able to take control and land it, if your control station is not functioning

Ok so heres a few things we have found useful and hope helps!

First up.... you cant do boating and Phantoms on your own
3 people is best.

Two, always put in new batteries before a boating adventure and keep some spares

Three, make sure your Iphone is completely charged and or you have an on-board charger for it just in case ...

Four, See the video!

Five, The most reliable method to save your phantom from a watery end is to SEE THIS VIDEO!!

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If you do purchase, pay particular attention to this part....

"But here's the thing... once the satellites have been found and all the lights are happy, you need to actually fly the phantom into the air a short way ? THIS IS CRITICAL! No sticks up ... no home point"

I cant stress enough, this is not an instruction video, nor is it a suggestion on what you should do, it is just a review of some procedures and activities we undertake with our phantom.

Taking your phantom out in the water can be a bit nerve racking, but can also be great fun as well!

Please check out our channel for other tips and tricks or our web site for more information and our blog.

OK so that's it guys!
Happy flying !

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